Friday, October 07, 2005

The problem of youthworkers
The book launch (see below) was fun! It was held at Ridley Hall, the Anglican training college.
While there I spotted some CYM students, which got me thinking about something.
The CYMers were different from the trainee vicars (ordinands I think is the word?). They looked different, dressed different and were younger.
Why is it that they weren't up for becoming church leaders? Why were they going into youthwork?
I see the same in the Baptist setting. There are so few ministers under 35.

Is it safer to graduate from being a youth to being a youthworker in some kind of youth ministry bubble? Or is it better to have older church leaders as people in their 20's are too immature?
I know there was a policy (deliberate or otherwise) of wanting church leaders to have more "real life" experience before training. But are we missing the life and vitality that younger leaders would bring? Are there people wasting time being youth workers?

Spurgeon, the Baptist preacher of the 1800's led his first church at 19!
I don't think its good for youthwork or the church if younger people with a calling feel youth ministry is their only option.


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