Thursday, August 04, 2005

What would you or I do?
Amazing, heart wrenching piece in the Guardian (found via the Londonist) about the stabbing of Richard Wheelan on a bus in London.
It descibes how no-one went to help the man who was stabbed for confronting people throwing chips at him and his girlfriend (strange enough in itself).
The writer says:
I find it astonishing that no one else approached an injured man in this situation. I suppose people might not have thought it was life-threatening. And I suppose some people might have been squeamish. But nevertheless, there was blood, and a guy injured, and you were there. You don't just leave him, and leave someone else to deal with it. Perhaps things wouldn't have happened any differently for him, but every bit of statement and every bit of evidence is going to be vital. After he'd been taken away in the ambulance, I kept saying, "Where did everyone go, why didn't anyone do anything?" I could understand if there had been any danger. It's always my reaction to move away or avoid anyone acting strangely or scarily. But it was clear that the person who had done it had long gone - because we all saw him go. There was no danger at all."

Full article here.

What would I have done? What would you have done?
Luke 10:25-37?


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