Sunday, July 31, 2005

Purpose-driven, Presidents and doughnuts
Last night (Sat) Rick Warren, author of all things Purpose Driven, spoke at the Baptist World Congress. I went a little cynical (from the USA, he pastors a mega-church, and there's lots of hype around this stuff). But Rick had some good stuff to say. He spoke for way too long, but the PEACE plan seems good - Plant churches, Equip servant leaders, Assist the poor, Care for the sick, Educate the next generation - can't really argue with that!

Today Jimmy Carter spoke (security was tight!). Again a pleasant surprise, and he addressed some of the issues around the Southern Baptists pulling out of the Baptist World Alliance.
He spoke positively in favour of women in leadership and ministry, which was good to hear.

Other highlights included good US Gospel style worship today, in fact most of the worship leaders did an good job given the world audience. My only complaint would be - what's with all the choirs? Classical style choirs from all over the world at every meeting (or so it seemed). Please, no more!

So where do the doughnuts fit in? Wandering round the city centre we spotted people with Krispy Kreme boxes, but we had no idea where the owner got them. Next thing we turn a corner and a van pulls up - giving out free boxes of 12! We joined the queue and got the last 2 boxes in Birmingham! Seems its a promo. for a new outlet in Selfridges.


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