Friday, July 29, 2005

Blogging from Birmingham - land of tornados! Fotunately we were unaffected!
Lots of stuff happening here at the Baptist World Congress.
Thousands of Baptists walking round getting plenty of attention from the locals (could be to do with national costumes, or people leaving their ID tags on show!).

Highlights - Mexican worship leader with an accordian (Thurs), Steve Chalke's Bible study (Fri), the people - the nations gathered, stories of God at work.

Thoughts - the dominance of Western values and styles, the impact of colonisation in mission -resulting in countries bringing back to us things many churches here have left behind! I remeber Jonny Baker coining a phrase in a discussion "colonisation of imagination" -resonates to some extent.
Some of the "programme" elements in the meetings have seemed quite random to me, not because of cultural difference, just a lack of "flow", perhaps the influence of US styles.

Other stuff- great to see lots of familiar faces. Met with our local friend Sarah and saw the new building of (South) Birmingham Vineyard. Looks exciting.
Had a brief conversation with Andrew Jones, although its always a bit wierd introducing yourself to someone you have never really met in the non-blog world!

Our hotel seems to be in the party district so its a bit noisy at night (thanks John Smith!!).
And I bought a suit today - don't ask more!


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