Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Soul Survivor
I haven't ventured to Somerset for Soul Survivor festival for a few years - its certainly not something to take holiday leave to go to (it would be like work), and without a specific reason to go I've felt no urge. But I know what its about etc.
This year its been interesting to read Mark Oestreicher's reports. Coming from the USA he's made some interesting observations (see his posts here and here and here), about stuff that those of us who have been around that style of UK youth work have probably come to take for granted, especially around "prayer ministry" and the involvement of young people themselves. I know that style of stuff isn't for everyone, and its easy to be cynical about Soul Survivor, so its been good to hear some positives.

Meanwhile Rob has posted some interesting thoughts and questions on this subject!
He asks:
"Why don't things and events like this have a bigger impact on our country?...It is because of things like Soul Survivor that we should be very worried. There are 11000 young people with desires, dreams, visions, time and energy - and yet we are still in decline!!!"
Read more here.


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