Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Its a quite summer in terms of meetings etc., and I've managed to avoid camping (Soul Survivor etc.).
One thing I am doing is writing a couple of resources for the LBA. Over the years I have sent two "LBA guides" out to the churches (Becoming a volunteer youth leader and Strategy and vision for youthwork in the local church, both of which are available on the downloads page at ).
One of this years has been brewing for a while and is about the place of youthwork in the church. The second, which I've been looking at today is about good practice - not something I get fired up about, but vital none the less (especially to justify the funding). More details when they're finished.
There's also a music project in the pipeline (which realistically depends more on my Mac'd up producer friend than me!).

On top of that there's training events for the autumn to promote and plan, and a fantastic event the LBA's putting on in November Re:Action - are you ready for you mission which I'm trying to keep on top of!
Holiday comes early September, by which time Suzie would have left her current job (less than 2 weeks left!).


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