Friday, July 15, 2005

Youthwork Resources
2 resources for curriculum worth a look.
First for 14-18's YFC's Mettle .
Discussion based stuff, variety of activities, looks good!
(Youthblog also suggested it look good a month or so ago - I hadn't really looked at it then!).

The second resource I mentioned in October, but now has an offer of 3 months free access is Energize from Crusaders.

This is a web based resource with stuff for you different age groups. Not so good if (like me) you don't have broadband, I guess! But I hear good reports about this stuff.

Only problem with both of these is they require some subscription, which I know some churches are reluctant about. But you do get support as well as materials.

Bring on the free, open source resources! There are some on the web (see links at already, maybe time to wrestle stuff out of the publishers hands? (I might regret saying that if I want stuff published later!).


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