Thursday, March 17, 2005

Youth Ministry UK
Youthwork Magazine is reporting on some Christian groups not getting DFES funding this round, which may leave their projects in difficulties (oops, the BU did get a grant, hence my post being secured).
Tim has an excellent post on this youth ministry stuff, especially the funding etc.
He suggests:
"I really do think this goes back to youth ministry/work in this country not having a clear theology... If our theology was sorted we would recognise our work was fundementally different, its driven by different things but at the edge we do similar stuff to secular organisations. God has a call on our lives as youth minister and or workers he is the centre of what we do, the young people we work with are part of that but not the centre"

This seems to echo a thought I had at the weekend during a training event I was running, that most youth ministry problems are not youthwork issues but church or theological issues.


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