Sunday, March 02, 2008

Esther, Terry & Grace
These 3 names sum up the weekend so far!
On Friday we went to see Luv Esther. The tour hit Ealing Christian Centre, a great venue for such a show as it's an old cinema. The production is good, with lots of multi-media stuff (part of the "cage" set double as a screen), and good tunes. All in all an interesting re-telling of the Biblical story (my only criticism would be too much girls dancing the same kind of moves).

On Saturday evening we went to BBC Television Centre to be part of the audience for the Eurovision: Your Decision. Watching back I'm pleased to say we didn't really make it on to camera, but it was fun to be part of, and to see the great Sir Terry in the flesh. And I think the right man won, certainly when he came on for the 1st show the vibe in studio picked up considerably, and his vocals were the best by far.

And Grace? Today we watched (rather belatedly) the movie Amazing Grace, which I thought was excellent. Of course it is a "spin" on history, and only focuses on Wilberforce and is white in perspective, but highlighted the issues of slavery well, and some of the struggles to overcome it.



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