Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Social Networking
Not sure I get most of the social networking sites.
I've resisted the "F" word (Facebook). MySpace just looks like a mess to me.
I'm quite happy to be anti-social and stick to the blog.
Although many years ago I signed up to sms.ac. Which turned out to be a pain, as they kept texting me. Eventually I got them to stop.
Today out of curiosity I signed in to find it has morphed into "fanbox". I had 25 "fan requests", all from slightly random people who I've never met! Needless to say I don't want them as fans, and if I knew how I'd delete the account.
Fanbox - random!

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Anonymous Tony said...

Right. SMS.ac is a company with extremely bad reputation. It's been using its so-caled "Friend Request Engine" to send out spam sms msgs by using the stolen information when you "accidentally" give them your MSN account information. Be careful, folks! This is why major sites such as yahoo and Microsoft have been locking SMS.ac in their "Spam" catagory. I had very very bad memory.

7:13 pm  

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