Sunday, January 15, 2006

10 years
10 years ago a bunch of us started a monthly youth worship event called "Back to Reality Celebration" in Ealing. The plan was to try 3 events and see if they worked. Last night I was invited back to lead worship at the 10 year anniversary (I gave up leading them about 18 months ago). Amazing.
It's strange to think that people who were in school year 7 when we started are now 21! Great to remember those who are now going on with God, doing good stuff in music, missions, business or whatever.

Last nights event was good, the original rhythm section still rock (thanks Ollly and Matt!), Sarah blessed us with her flute, and God was working. The speaker, Simon works in Burundi and challenged us all to get serious with Jesus (which has an added weight when you hear about his context).

Back to Reality has a new website - which looks good!


Blogger Jess said...

Oh man, I'm gutted I couldn't be there. Looks like it was a good one. Wow, 10 years! I've learnt a lot in that time, but B2R was definitely the starting point for a lot of it.

11:10 pm  

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