Monday, January 09, 2006

Ministry that lasts?
Interesting post
Lets play church (at blogs4God), discussing some youth ministry trends in Malaysia.
" The youth church started in a bang and ended in a whimper. It follows a pattern for every other youth program in church for the past 1-2 decades. They try to emulate the successes of surrounding churches’ youth church without realizing all these youth churches started out small and grew. "

Some good insights around the danger of wanting to be big rather than allowing for "bottom up" growth through relationships and cell groups.
This is not a problem confined to Malaysia! The number of churches who employ youthworkers or start events in order to get numbers and feel like somethings is happening is way too high (even if they wouldn't admit to that motivation). Patience is often lacking. Ministry that lasts requires long term investment, and less pressure to get "results".



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