Monday, October 24, 2005

I survived!
The weekend away was good, although at times it did feel bit like we were gate crashing somebody else’s conference! Pilgrim Hall was the venue, surprisingly not one I remember going to before.
We did 4 sessions with the young people, which seemed to go well. There were only 5 of them, between 11 and 15, and
Suzie and I as leaders. We followed roughly the adult’s theme of Ambassadors for Christ. They were quite an easy group to deal with so it wasn’t too stressful, and the materials prepared seemed to work.
Always interesting watching how churches do things, their unique church culture and approaches. This weekend re-affirmed that the place of young people in the church and their role often needs to be re-evaluated. The tension between space and belonging, separate and together is a delicate balance.

Meanwhile here at home my neighbours seem to having a daytime party – or just trying out their speakers!


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