Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Chap Clark's
Hurt is an insightful study of US teenagers. He focuses on what he calls "mid-adolescents" and suggests that the basic issue if that of abandonment by adults. This forces them into a "world beneath".
My question is how much of what he says applies this side of the Atlantic? Some stuff such as clusters seems to ring true, other stuff about sport seems less so. His chapter on ethics suggests cheating is "common place" in US high schools - not sure how that compares to the UK?
I'm thinking that we need to be cautious when applying his stuff over here!

His final thoughts on youth ministry are excellent though, especially calling for the purpose of youth ministry not to be individual conversion or fulfillment but: "the goal of youth ministry should be to make disciples of Jesus Christ who are authentically walking with God within the context of intimate Christian community"(p188).


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