Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not sure if ministry means more meetings than other jobs, but you sure get to be part of lots of dreary sessions (and a few good too)! (I mean here businessy type planning meetings rather than "worship gatherings", although maybe part of the problem is separating the two).

Anyway simple stuff is always worth reminding ourselves of, so I appreciated this podcasted guide to "avoiding death by meeting". (You can get it via Itunes as well).
Like I say, nothing radical, but a reminder to keep focus, that we can learn a lot from!
And Baptist church members meetings often need some of these lessons too...

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Anonymous Tim Abbott said...

In a recent analysis of my work patterns I noticed the word 'meeting' was making a noticeable showing. However, to my relief, most of the time it turns out it was 'meeting' [v] not 'meeting' [n].

To meet, (meeting [v]), is all about spending time with someone, or a very few people to share news or ideas, to dream and discuss, to encourage, mentor, support or pray. I think it's mainly about the people. It's nice to meet.

A meeting [n] tends to be more people, though paradoxically less relationship, being given information and sometimes asked for a collective opinion. I think it's mainly about the project. It can be very important, but has a tendency to dullness. Not to be confused with 'worship gatherings'...?

; )

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