Monday, March 23, 2009

Some updates are not improvements
Why do companies have to fiddle with perfectly good products?
I'm sure we can all think of examples where the "new" or "improved" version was worse than the previous (from Windows to food products).

Over the last year or so Tizer has re-entered my life as one of my favourite tipples. Made from fruit juice with no artificial stuff, it is high in sugar but tastes great.

That is until today, when the cans I bought had the label "now with added bite".
Hmmm. Not good.
A new formula with artificial sweetener, and not such a great "original taste". Nope it's a let down. I'm sure it's market driven, but frankly I'd have been happier if they had left it well alone!

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Anonymous spikyheaded said...

Hmmm I have heard Rants like that about churches!!!!

Hope you are well.


6:29 pm  
Blogger Pete Lev said...

Ha! I hadn't thought of that!

7:34 pm  

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