Friday, December 16, 2005

What's been going on?
Thought it was time for a "what's happening" type post!
Sunday last week I was speaking at my home church, and then playing piano at my first carol service of the season at another local church (a great annual fixture). Suzie was singing at the Ealing Christmas Mystery parade, a joint church venture which included live animals and a baby on a bus (pics here)

This week has also seen 2 trips to BU HQ at Didcot for various gatherings, one for youth coordinators/resourcers and one for all Association staff. Interesting stuff - and seems Didcot is slowly being re-developed - its now slightly less grim (sorry if you live there!).

In the midst of it all my last remaining grandparent died - she was 92.

And tonight I was with real live young people - doing a session on the Holy Spirit at a youth group "lock in".

But Christmas is coming - I even heard "Stop the Calvalry" on the radio the other day!


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